Come visit me here in Creative Space, see what I've done and what I'm up to. This space is about whatever I want. As you can see from the pic, I take myself extremely seriously and always have something worth saying! *disclaimer - all gray hairs in this image may or may not be digitally added for effect.

Contact me for a korero.

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Come join me at 6pm, Tuesday the 8th of May at Exhibitions Gallery, Newmarket, Auckland. I'm really looking forward to sharing my new work with any of you that want to see it! It's been a while since my last Auckland show, so it's nice to be back.

If you are keen to come RSVP with guest numbers direct to Exhibitions Gallery below or feel free to contact me for a korero.

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I was given the chance to grow my ‘virtual cv’ when I was asked if I’d like to host Design Junkies, a new show airing on the 3rd of May on TVNZ 1. I like to take on challenges that push my comfort zones and expand my repertoire, which this really did! Not only did I get to test my own presenting ‘skills’ (or lack of), I gained huge respect for the people who make these productions happen. It’s long and hard work, but everyone is so committed to making it a success.

Thanks to WBITV and TVNZ for thinking of me for this and giving me an opportunity to try something new!