Mt Taranaki Karearea

350mm x 500mm 30 limited edition giclee prints There is a peaceful place, somewhere between the mountain and the sea Mum has told me of what went down there, that is where my people sleep He floats in space, somewhere

Synergy o Aroha

SOLD 1400mm x 900mm acrylic, metallic, foil, lacquer & varnish on hoop pine plywood Thanks Mandy Struthers for commissioning this piece for your amazing Dad, John Struthers, the founder of Avanti Cycles. It was created to be gifted to John

Taupo Bay

SOLD 1800mm x 900mm acrylic, metallic, foil, lacquer and varnish on hoop pine plywood Thanks to the Molloy whanau for commissioning this artwork. It was so special to be asked to create something that represented their love for Taupo Bay,

Childs Play

SOLD 1200mm x 900mm acrylic & varnish on hoop pine plywood With Dirty Politics, The Internet Party and Dotcom the 2014 Election was a joke! The Blonde Girl & Brown Boy play together, taking turns winding up the tin toy

Wahine Bee

SOLD Automative paint, vinyl, foil, metallic paint & gloss lacquer It seems she has been taking some style tips from Flamo Bee. She sure is the Queen Bee in this town.

Fly Bee

Polyurethane, vinyl, foil, metallic paint & gloss lacquer The Fly Guy of the Bee world. He rocks it with the Queen 24/7. His striking physique is always in demand. Rock on Fly Bee!

Flamo Bee

SOLD Polyurethane, vinyl, foil & gloss lacquer He lights up the sky with his lightening fast moves. You blink and you miss him!

Lippy Bee

Automative paint, vinyl, foil &  gloss lacquer Wow is she Lippy! Finished in a high gloss pink with gold trim, her allure is all apparent. She dresses with sophistication and flits her eyelashes towards your sly stare.

Woody Bee

SOLD Acrylic, foil, lacquer & varnish He is such a part of our culture in NZ, I wanted to make him more ‘Native’. He was striped back to the wood and repainted using modern maori motifs while sticking with the

AO Table

2200mm l x 960mm w x 760mm h Macrocarpa & steel ‘AO’ in maori means ‘world’ – uniting people in one place to break bread. The repeat motif has been hand painted in wood stain and refers to Art &

Art vs Object Exhibition

If you’re in Auckland City over the next week, pop in to the Allpress Gallery at 8 Drake Street and check the show out. The works look great in the lovely big space. Thanks Allpress for being so generous!

Phantom Ship

1800mm x 900mm x 60mm acrylic & varnish on hoop pine plywood My Grandfather had a few books about boats, in particular boats from the Waitemata. ‘Phantom Fleet’ by Ted Ashby (published 1975) was one that caught my eye. There